Burst Pipes

Sydney wide burst pipe repairs

Having a burst pipe is one of the more common plumbing issues you can encounter today.

Burst pipes are even classified as a water emergency since it leads to considerable damages to your property and electric wiring system. It can even leave you waterless for days, giving you and your family more inconvenience.

Common causes of burst pipes in Sydney

Knowing the usual reasons for burst pipes will help in precaution and prevention.

  • Tree roots: You might be surprised that nature can come in between and may cause burst pipes. As you cannot control the growth of roots, they might lead to the direction of your water source at some point. Roots can actually end up wrapping around your water pipes and may cause them to burst.
  • Collapsed pipes: Uncontrollable changes in the environment can also cause burst pipes. For instance, a construction within the vicinity of your property may lead to changes in the soil and may cause more weight pressure in your water pipes, thereby leading them to burst.
  • Corrosion: Another reason for burst pipes is the natural aging of the water pipes. Old steel materials will eventually weaken due to age and depreciation of quality. In that case, the best alternative is to replace your water pipes. It is also best to call for plumbing experts once a year for maintenance as a precaution to avoid burst pipes.

What should you do if you have burst pipes?

Even though you may be careful and have applied all the precautions, accidents still happen. Here are some actions you should take should you experience this water emergency.

  1. Watch out for burst pipes signs. You need not see the pipes and cracks themselves to know this, but other signals like a sudden decrease in water pressure, strange noises, and a faulty electrical system may mean your water pipes have been damaged.
  2. If you think you have burst pipes then you would need to isolate water from the stopcock. Completely close the stopcock and open your taps at home to stop the water from flowing or leaking.
  3. Avoid using electricity. Stay away from switches and sockets because if there is water leakage in can be within the electricity circuit.
  4. To avoid more accidents and more damage, clean away any remaining water.
  5. If you are not knowledgeable in plumbing and water systems, then it is best for you not to fix things on your own. Get in touch with the experts instead, to avoid worsening the problem and reduce further damage costs.

Perfection Plumbing consists of an expert team of plumbers that service the Sydney metropolitan area. If you find yourself in a water emergency such as burst pipes, or would like to prevent these from happening, call the Perfection Plumbing team. Our master plumbers are certainly professional and friendly

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